Additional Memory Jewels gemstones can be ordered either at the time of placing the initial order, or at any time after that. The only requirement is that we must be able to access the same amount of the original ashes to produce a replacement gemstone.

Please note that as mounting and setting the Memory Jewels gemstones requires a great amount of care and expertise, it is not our policy to supply loose gemstones.

Please remember that even the hardest gemstone can be vulnerable to breakage and deteriorate over time without proper care.

  1. Use common sense: remove your jewellery before washing dishes, working with your hands in water or chemicals, undertaking exercise or any other activity that may put your gem under stress. This particularly applies to rings.
  2. Avoid allowing your gem to become coated with perfume, hairspray, oil hand cream or makeup. This will leave a film on your gemstone and result in a loss of shine.
  3. Store all of your precious jewellery pieces separately so that they do not scratch each other. Gold and silver are particularly sensitive to scratching. Preventing items from damaging each other will also ensure that your gem is protected. We recommend that you store your jewellery in the Memory Jewels box provided.
  4. To clean your Memory Jewels we recommend that you use a soft polishing cloth (available from your local jeweler) to polish your gold and silver. To clean you Memory Jewels gemstone, simply use a soft damp cloth. To clean the setting behind the gem, it may be easier to clean dust etc,. with a damp cotton bud.
  5. A little care can add longevity to your precious jewellery and gems. Help protect your Memory Jewels by following these guidelines.

We recommend that you to retain some ashes in a secure place in case of such an unfortunate event. We can also offer to store an additional quantity of your loved ones ashes for you, if you prefer. There is a nominal annual charge for our secure storage, please contact us to discuss the arrangements. Also, at the time of ordering, we can produce a second gemstone for you at a much reduced rate. This will allow you to retain a second piece of jewellery, should you wish.

Memory Jewels gemstones are durable for everyday wear.

However, please note that any stone, including genuine diamonds, sapphires, rubies pearls etc. may become fractured or otherwise damaged.

To determine the durability of a gemstone, they are measured in two ways – for hardness and for the Specific Gravity.


The hardness of a gemstone is its resistance to scratching and is measured on a standard scale, known as the Mohs scale. This scale measures hardness between 1 – 10, with 10 being the hardest.

We have assessed Memory Jewels to have a hardness rating of between 6.5 - 7.0 Mohs, equivalent to that of Jade, Garnet and Opals. All of these gems have lasted and admired throughout the centuries.

In comparison, a pearl has a hardness rating of only 2.5 - 4.5 Mohs.

Specific Gravity

A gemstones specific gravity relates to the number of times heavier the gemstone is to water, in other words, it is the ratio between the density of the gemstone and the density of water.

As Memory Jewels gemstones have a high calcium and quartz content, they are naturally relatively dense.

We have assessed Memory Jewels gemstones to have a specific gravity of between 2.91 – 3.1. This equates to a density greater than that of Opal and equal to that of Jade.

As even a genuine diamond can fracture under certain conditions, we are unfortunately not able to guarantee that Memory Jewels gemstones are impervious to all conditions.

However, in the unlikely event that a Memory Jewels gemstone should break or fracture, we will replace the stone free of charge. To do this, it is essential that we can access the same amount of the original ashes to produce a replacement gemstone.

If this is a concern, then we would be pleased to store an additional quantity of your loved ones remains for you. There is a nominal annual charge for our secure storage, please contact us to discuss the arrangements.

We are pleased to offer any type of repair to your chosen setting using our own Master Jewellers who are completely experienced in setting and repair of our pieces. Please note that if the gemstone should become damaged in any way, then repair my not be possible.


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