When your loved ones remains arrive, we will immediately notify you of their safe delivery to us. The remains are then placed in a hermetically sealed container, given an individual code and registered in our system. From here, the first step in the jewel making process is to refine them to produce the finest particles, which are then integrated into our formula. Incorporating precious metal oxides into our formula enables us to offer a range of beautiful colors, which when finished, will produce a unique and personal jewel to reflect your loved one.

Our process has been perfected to produce an artificial gem stone of the highest quality. As we are dealing with pure organic matter, the patterns within the finished piece will be reflected by the individual, for example a copper bracelet previously worn may produce a subtle green tinge or fleck.

Next, our jeweller will set and finish the jewellery item (or items) you have chosen from our range. On completion, we will notify you, then arrange to send your Memory Jewels via priority secure courier.


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